Poeth Solids Processing takes a new 2,700 m2 large production hall, and 100 m2 of office space in use. With this new construction, the whole comes to a total 10,000 m2 of production and office space. The improved working environment, climate and more efficient production routing will contribute to the quality and the level of finish at an even higher level. There is also invested heavily in new machines and tools. The new building is divided into the following disciplines: test room, Assembly / Final inspection, welding work, construction bench work and office / business office. Test room The diversity of raw materials and end products in the compound feed industry and related sectors is growing. The chance is increased by early testing with these products startup problems greatly reduced. Furthermore, internal testing ensures for training engineers and other disciplines. That ensures for much more feeling and experience with the end product. "Not everything can be captured in data sheets and tables, the feeling for the matter is very important, "explains commercial director Loe Verheijen. That is why the engineers at Poeth, where necessary, the projects and / or machines themselves in operation. Assembly / Final inspection After production, projects and machines are placed in a separate room assembled / set up and where necessary with the customer tested before delivery. The entire project will be as one package placed together and checked for extradition / assembly or it complete. If control is applicable, this becomes so much possibly prefabricated and tested. Construction bench work Machines are assembled in individual rooms and where needed is sharpened here. Release of dust remains within this space and therefore cannot end up in other spaces. In this spaces are attached to machines, but not canceled. It Welding off done by qualified MIG and TIG welders. Welding work Poeth has a team of qualified welders who all perform welding work and work according to high quality requirements. There is extensive experience with the welding of various stainless steel types, such as RVS304, RVS310, RVS316L, Duplex, as well as wear-resistant materials, such as Hardox, Creusabro, Tungsten Carbide alloys. Office / business office - Logistics - Purchase - Work preparation - Planning production, outsourced work, purchasing

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