Dinnissen has launched the new 5 in 1 Pegasus® Mixer for multifunctional preparation of food products. A single investment allows performance of the following process steps: mixing, vacuum-coating, drying, sterilisation and acidulation. This new variant of the existing Pegasus® Mixer is of particular interest to customers who quickly, efficiently and homogeneously want to produce aromatised products were high hygiene standards apply and a refreshingly acidic taste sensation is required, such as tea, cereals, (crunchy) sweets and snacks. Furthermore, simultaneously performing five process steps in a single compact unit saves energy and delivers other cost savings, as the process components can be cleaned rapidly and thoroughly with a minimum of effort. Step 1: Fast and efficient mixing with the twin-shaft mixing mechanism Step 2: Efficient spraying and vacuum-coating of high concentrations of fluid Step 3 Atmospheric or vacuum-drying of food products Step 4 Sterilizing products were high hygiene requirements apply Step 5 Acidulation as the finishing touch