KSE Process Technology shows at Victam how monitoring and displaying KPI’s will increase the efficiency of your production processes. Also fast and accurate dosing can be improved with 20%. Furthermore KSE shows a pneumatic flow conveying. Defining and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential for maximizing the efficiency of a process line. Operators can immediately see how the lines they are responsible for are performing, and be motivated to take quick action to stay on target. In addition to displaying the KPIs on the PROMASST automation screens, they can also be displayed on any computer via an Internet browser, keeping management constantly up to date. Reporting tool PROMASST has a reporting tool that can be easily configured to display as the performance parameters of your line in real time. You can choose the KPIs that are important to your processes, for example, how your line is running in terms of input tonnage, amount produced, amount of product loaded and the power (kW) used. Data visualization and automatic notification As well as presenting numerical data, the KPIs can be visualized using traffic-light coloured arrows. The data can also be automatically emailed to designated address at specified times. If you need to find out more about how PROMASST can help you monitor and report on your KPIs, contact KSE Process Technology. Visit our booth, hall 6, booth B011.