At Remix Droge Mortel BV - Hardenberg, a 12 meter high 2 compartment silo was placed last week. In order to increase the existing production yield, Kemp bv was commissioned to adjust the production process, by placing a silo directly above the bagging machine. In close collaboration with partner companies, a self-supported steel construction was realized, over the existing roof, on which the silo was placed. In combination with a 3 meter long stainless steel vibrating conveyor equipped with a VibraDrive® (Alvibra) and a bucket elevator (including cleaning bottom), the product is transported into the silo. In addition, the silo is also equipped with blow-in pipes. A sound-insulated instrumentation compartment has been realized on the top of the silo, which minimizes noise emission to the surroundings. Furthermore, 1 compartment is equipped with a anti-segregation construction which has previously proved its effectivity.

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