Solan Kraftfutterwerk is an Austrian company that produces feed for a wide range of animals. Founded in 1911 as an agricultural trading company, it is now one of Austria's leading animal feed producers. In 2021, Solan partnered with Dinnissen for a new mineral feed production line. • Why effective and precise liquids dosing was a game changer for Solan • How Solan’s transport time per batch has reduced from 20 to 2.5 minutes with their new mixing line • How Dinnissen and Solan continuously work together to keep optimizing the systems Some quotes from Harald Schmalwieser, Managing Director at Solan: “WE HAVE QUADRUPLED OUR PRODUCTION CAPACITY, FROM 3 TO 12 TONS PER HOUR.” “WE ALWAYS FEEL UNDERSTOOD, AND OUR FEEDBACK IS ALWAYS TAKEN SERIOUSLY.” “OUR RESULTS ARE ABOVE EXPECTATIONS.” “CHOOSING A PARTNER FOR A FUTURE PROJECT IS A NO-BRAINER FOR ME: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DINNISSEN TO EVERYONE.” “CONTINUOUS SUPPORT AFTER THE DELIVERY.” Read the complete story from Harald Schmalwieser, Managing Director at Solan, about his experiences working with Dinnissen on our website.