Dust Emission below 5 mg/Nm³ with Airtechnic Multi-Cyclones

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Recently Airtechnic Solutions from The Netherlands has completed two multi-cyclone systems of which the dust emission, without back filter, is less than 5 mg/Nm3. Thus fulfilling local requirements for dust emission.

In the course of years Airtechnic has further developed cyclone technology up to the point that with cyclones and multi-cyclones very low emission rates can be achieved, even at very high dust loads.
Opposed to alternative dust extraction methods, the main advantages of (multi-)cyclones are that a much wider array of dust types can be handled, no more costly filter exchanges and a constant differential pressure across the entire system during operation.

Also for variable flow rates Airtechnic supplies cyclone systems with a guaranteed emission.
The fully automated process control system ensures that our robust dust extraction systems are user-friendly, reliable and safe.

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