Things are changing quickly in the meat production and in the animal feed industry. The consumers have an increasing influence on the well-being of the animals and on the feed that they get. Some of the additives that have been normal to control unwanted pathogens, are not used anymore, for the reason to avoid negative effects on the animals and to get a natural and healthy piece of meat. Producers of animal feed are challenged to deliver healthy feed that is free of unwanted pathogens. The natural way to sterilise a product is to use heat. If the animal feed is pelletized, the heat treatment takes place during the process of pelletizing. In comparison to that, mash is produced in a cold process. Therefore, producers cannot guarantee, that conventionally produced mash is free of pathogens. Thermidor®, the system of Dinnissen for hygienic mash, is the answer on this question. The first step of the process takes place in a special Pegasus® mixer. Because steam is blown into the mash, it is heated in a very efficient way. The mixing process destroys the pathogens, and furthermore tests have validated that damp heat kills the pathogens most effectively. In this way, the whole batch gets a uniform treatment. After the heat treatment, the product is dried and cooled down in a second Pegasus® mixer. The fluidized zone, that the Pegasus® mixer creates, allows a fast and efficient drying and cooling process. In the meantime, it is also possible to add sensitive ingredients or fluids. Besides the hygienic effect, the process causes that fine particles agglomerate with bigger ones to get a mash that is dust free and easy to handle. . The Dinnissen thermidor® Process: Your solution for healthy animal feed.