Alvibra In Remix Droge Mortel and many other projects, the systems and components from Alvibra and MBA Instruments proven to be very solid and reliable, reason for KEMP for both to represent manufacturers for the entire Benelux. The Danish company Alvibra A / S is a manufacturer of a wide range of vibratory conveyors, vibrating feeders and vibrating sifters as well as a series of electric and pneumatic vibrators. The vibratory conveyors, in open or closed version, are available in lengths up to 32 meters. The installations are low-noise, energy-efficient, compact and hygienic. She do not require vibration dampers or special foundations. Thanks to the ViFlex drive and VibraDrive technology continue to vibrate within the machine frame and are not transmitted to the floor. The machines are characterized by a fast and controlled start / stop cycle. Applications: Vibratory conveyors are ideally suited for sensitive products (such as dry mortar). They are easy to clean, if desired with CIP systems, making it suitable for applications in the food industry. Furthermore, product changes can occur be performed quickly. Vibratory conveyors are also widely used in the grain and animal feed industry, chemistry and mineral industry.

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