Novaseptic Cyclone T60 High shear Mixer The Novaseptic high shear mixer Cyclone is mainly developed to suit the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with high demands on cleanability and sterilisation in place. The Cyclone high shear mixer is an exellent product for Homogenizing - Dispersion applications. A dispersion is simply the transport of one phase or ingredient (liquid, solid, gas) into a main continuous phase (typically liquid), with which it would normally be insoluble. The fluid is said to be homogenized when the product has a uniform distribution and /or a uniform particle/droplet size within the whole volume. Advantages: * Aseptic design * Magnetically driven * CIP/SIP * Silent * Easy maintanance: - No need for crane to lift the mixer out of the tank - No extra space above tank needed - Easy to mount or dismount the drive unit with a TC clamp. - No mechanical seals needed Novaseptic high shear mixers are engineered for optimal performance, reliability, durability and ease of maintanance. The design and development is based on more then 20 years experience focused on aseptic design.