NWGD symposium 2024

3 October 2024

NWGD Symposium ‘Drying with high energy efficiency and for better products’

Thursday 3 October 2024

Omnia, Wageningen Campus, Wageningen

The Netherlands Working Group on Drying (NWGD) invites you to the annual NWGD symposium about industrial drying technology on Thursday 3 October in Wageningen.

We have an exciting program with speakers from companies, knowledge institutes and academia who will present their latest research, developments & innovations in the area of drying and dewatering.

You will be able to connect to your colleague drying experts to share challenges and common interests, for example think about setting up new projects, new dryers and ideas. We designed a symposium program with long coffee and lunch breaks to catch up with your drying colleagues & friends.