<i><b>Simple but efficient mechanical process for bulk material</b></i> FUCHS Maschinen AG has specialized in manufacturing simple and efficient machines for bulk material processing. We primarily offer the following products and services for: <b>Blending</b> Drum blenders, tumbling drum blenders, gravity blenders, drum turners, drum mixers Tilting drum blenders (drum blenders with extended handling functions) Laboratory blenders, blenders for small batches Powder blenders Drum filling and emptying solutions Drums with covers, stainless steel drums Drum accessories such as drum trolleys and funnels, valves, valves for drum emptying, manual valves <b>Sifting</b> SIFTOMAT plansifter CONTROMAT controlsifter Sifter accessories Flexible connections, sleeves Sieve loading systems Sieve screens <b>Granulating</b> Toothed disk mills FUCHS machines are unrivalled in their simple, functional and high quality design. They are used all over the world on all continents in nearly all areas of activity.


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