ABW holds a leading position in the field of professional weighing equipment and (automated) weighing solutions.

Anton Bouwkamp, owner-director of ABW, has been fascinated by technology and production processes from an early age onwards. With a wide range of products, the specialist in industrial weighing technology offers intelligent and user-friendly weighing solution for a wide array of weighing problems. With customers in the chemical, dairy, recycling, fertilizer and feed industries, ABW's customer portfolio is very diverse. In addition to selling weighing systems and components, ABW assists customers with calibrations, inspections, repairs and unique software support. Based on the desired applications and quality requirements, ABW provides customers with no-nonsense and personal advice. I.e.: designing weighing processes as efficiently as possible and/or system integration solutions. "Within the solids and fluids industry, there is plenty of room for innovation and I am happy to contribute to that." PROUD SUPPLIER OF - RINSTRUM | Rinstrum offers industrial weighing solutions since 1992 and is best known for its indicators. Rinstrum products are praised for their innovative design, high reliability, affordability and good performance. - FLINTEC | Founded in 1968, Flintec is a leading manufacturer of load cells and accessories. With Flintec, you are assured of robust weighing components and highly accurate weighing for a variety of industrial weighing, filling and dispensing applications. - ZEMIC | Zemic’s slogan? "We believe we make you stronger". A vision that we ABW clearly identifies with. With Zemic you are assured of load cells and accessories with a good price-quality ratio. - SYSTEC | Systec has been developing and producing industrial indicators for both static and dynamic weighing systems since 1994. Systec indicators represent top design, powerful performance, high ease of use and Deutsche Gründlichkeit. - ADAM EQUIPMENT | ADAM Equipment has been providing quality weighing systems and professional weighing equipment since 1972. The weighing equipment is known for its good return on investment, intuitive operation and high user experience.

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