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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Solid Equipment has increased the product portfolio with the packaging lines from Payper of Spain. Payper is producing since 1973 packaging systems for the bulk solids powders, and granulates in the plastics, food, building and minerals industries. Payper delivers worldwide turnkey solutions from weighing, to filling and palletizing.
Payper produces packaging systems for all type of bags, like open mouth bags, valve bags but also FFS systems and Big Bags.

One of the highlights in the portfolio should is the combined high capacity – extreme resistant design FFS bagging machine ASSAC M10 for corrosive and abrasive products. Combining a proven FFS solution and newly improved designs for high capacity, this 2000 bags per hour average speed model is the very latest in new generation high performance machine, lowering both operation and maintenance costs and also providing state-of-the-art user friendly Human-Machine Interface (HMI). The special SS execution makes this model highly resistant and totally prepared for the most difficult products ever packed.

With the open mouth bag placer range CSA, PAYPER, as a proven open mouth bag solutions provider, presents a complete new modular range of machines adaptable to the ever changing needs in open mouth bagging.

The new range design allows us to build a tailor made solution for every customer, but with standard proven modules, so, a perfect combination of high reliability and adaptability to every single project and, no less important, a cost-efficient solution. The selling area is particularly remarkable combining de-aeration systems, vacuum operation, and inert gas purging , particularly in case of perishable goods. The machine also features a hold-the-top-of-the-bag driven system which always keeps perfect control of the bag until it is completely closed, this combined with some specific hygienic solutions makes our design perfectly suitable for the food industry. Additionally, it is possible to integrate specific empty bag handling modules , specially adapted to any type of bag (Paper, PE, WPP, with or without gussets, Pinch top, Pinch bottom..etc) along with a wide range of bag-closing configurations.

Martin Geukes General Manager of Solid Equipment: We are very happy woth Payper. The products from Payper fit perfectly with the other products Solid Equipment is selling. In a lot of cases these systems are being used by the same customers as the other lines Solid Equipment is representing.

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