Simatek Drum Feeder

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The patented Simatek Drum Feeder is next generation technology within gentle feeding of Simatek universal elevators. This unique, mechanical drum feeder has many advantages compared to traditional feeding systems.

The elevator buckets are filled separately and continuously. The variable dosing of the buckets makes it possible to obtain a very high filling degree which results in a higher conveying capacity and/or lower speed compared to other feeding systems. Often it will be possible to obtain a significant increase in capacity on existing elevators when changing to a drum feeder.

The filling degree may be regulated during operation by a built-in, actuator controlled damper. This is possible at any conveying speed.

Because the buckets are filled separately and precisely there is no need for overlap between the buckets, thus there is no mechanical contact between the buckets. By using Free Rotating Buckets (FRB) there is no need for forced controlling. Thereby, it is possible to leave out the most wearable parts, the bucket guides.
With the Simatek Drum Feeder you will get higher operational reliability and much lower operational costs.

The drum feeder is made in a cleaning-friendly design with quick and easy access to parts in touch with the product. The drum may be taken out separately in only few minutes for easy cleaning.

The drum feeder comes in a painted and a stainless steel version.

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