ATHEX Industrial Suppliers launches an advanced product of Fraser Anti-Static Techniques to clean and neutralise static electricity. The Roto-Clean 4900 blasts pulsating ionized air from single or multiple heads to clean a product and remove static that could attract further dust. The device consists of a dual rotary nozzle driven by a patented centrifugal control integrated into a circular static eliminator. The combination of powerful, pulsating air and static elimination gives Roto-Clean an advantage over alternative products. It will set new cleaning standards in environments that require strict quality control, or when products move on to secondary processes such as labelling or decoration where they must be dust free. The device uses less air delivered at a lower pressure than airknives, delivered at a greater intensity of ions per cubic centimetre. An air bar revolves at 60 revolutions per second using a patented centrifugal control powered solely by air. Air from two nozzles is ionized as it passes over a circular static eliminator. The pulsed airflow contacts the product up to 240 times per second, blasting away dust from various angles including crevices. The nozzles require no additional power source. Roto-Clean is shockless and suitable for tough industrial processes, powered by the Fraser HP power unit. Roto-Clean is available in 112 and 178mm diameters, with operational pressure from 1 to 3.5 Bar.