Dust and odors from production processes must comply with legal standards. Poeth is currently realizing a project in which a cooling process is extracted with a capacity of 60,000 Nm³ / h. The filter system guarantees a dust emission of up to 5 mg / m3 and makes it possible to reduce odor emissions by integrating a special system up to 90%. The Poeth filter program ranges from a very small spot filter of 1.4 m2 to modular filter systems up to 2,000 m2. And filters can be supplied separately but can also be part of a complete turnkey project consisting of - Suction pipe work - Steel structures / Platforms - Drainage of dust - Fans / mufflers - Odor reduction - Control and cabling -Edit - Project management Our extensive knowledge and years of experience and application of the right filter techniques guarantee a successful solution to your dust problem. Dust emission measurements: Our engineers perform dust emission measurements for you. Even for installations not supplied by Poeth.

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