Eskens introduceert de EASY CLEAN batch mixer

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Eskens Benelux BV introduces the Easy Clean Lödige mixer, as the name suggests, is easy to clean and especially as suitable where hygiene is important.
The mixing principle is based on the well-known horizontal Lödige ploughshare mixer, however, the fixed drum has other dimensions and therefore the mixer is more narrow and higher.
This allows to apply one large hatch at the front (inspection and cleaning) and one large hatch on the bottom (discharge of product) of the mixing drum.

The mixer dissolves almost completely and is easily accessible for additional cleaning or inspection. In fact, the benefits of the horizontal and vertical principle are being combined.

The mixer can be applied to batches of between 110 and 2000 liters (depending on the type), and is especially suitable for mixing dry materials and dry mixes. Tests can be done on a 400 liter model at Lödige in Paderborn (DE).

For more information please contact Eskens Benelux BV and ask for Jack Winder.

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