With FlexTrak, you can efficiently track, check and manage assets or inventory from any wifi-enabled place. Once set up, users can easily add or remove assets from stock or inventory by scanning an asset barcode or entering its serial number. FlexTrak will access the specific asset`s information. Asset data can be changed in the same way by specific users that are allowed to update asset features or characteristics in the software to manage assets. Reports on stored or updated assets can be auto-generated. Easy to use Brady offers assistance with the initial setup of FlexTrak and has technical professionals standby to help solve any future challenge. From then on, users can scan assets in or out, or scan additional volume in on delivery, out on use or easily update scanned asset information. Exports can be made to Brady Workstation apps via a spreadsheet to easily design barcoded labels that can be printed with a range of BradyPrinters. Access anywhere FlexTrak is a cloud based software that can be accessed anywhere with the correct password as long as there is wifi-coverage. The software is responsive to a wide range of screens, including those of most smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.