Dinnissen Process Technology presents their latest range of sampling solutions in a single video: from a range of plunger and screw samplers for different applications to their latest Multi-Size Sample Carousel that fully automates sampling of different sample sizes. Manufacturers use sampling to test the quality of their products and to ensure they meet the ever more stringent food safety and quality requirements. To validate their products, manufacturers analyze samples that have been taken during and after the various processing steps. There are different types of samples with different purposes: - Output samples - Chemical samples - Bacteriological samples - Hourly samples - Batch samples - Continuous samples Sampling during the production process is an increasingly intensive task. Therefore, it is good to know that you can significantly simplify this task with sampling carousels. Sampling with the new Multisize Sample Carousel significantly reduces the amount of labor required and minimizes the margin of error. Automated sample collection With Dinnissen's Multisize Sample Carousel, producers can now take samples of different sizes in an automated sampling process. With this innovation, producers can also determine the order and frequency per sample size. The cleanability of the carousel is also an essential factor for the ability to take truly representative samples. The Multisize Sample Carousel collects up to 20 samples in different shapes, without human intervention. The innovation can be seamlessly integrated into new and existing lines and keeps downtime to a minimum. Dinnissen Process Technology works with the customer to draw up a sampling plan to create the most efficient sampling process possible, tailored to each customer's specific situation. More information about this innovation can be found on the Dinnissen Process Technology website. Features of Dinnissen Smart Sampling Systems - Hygienic design - Wide range of samplers - Easy access for fast but thorough cleaning - Sample carousels that can be adapted to your specific objectives - Carousels with 8 to 20 positions, with sample sizes from 10 to 1,000 grams - Material certificates for these product-contact parts, such as 3.1, FDA requirements and EC1935 / 2010, are included as standard - Also available in ATEX version - All product contact parts can be removed without tools - Designed, built and tested in-house