While markets such as the food sector are ever-evolving, there´s one industry that has to keep up (or even try to be ahead): the packaging industry.

Products develop, market needs change and global developments influence the need for different packaging solutions. Let´s look at how the FIBC industry and Masterpack specifically are adapting.

Modified Atmosphere for FIBC`s

How can we get a grip on the supply chain of perishable foods? How can we make sure it leaves the producer fresh and safely, and travels around the globe while maintaining its taste, color, and smell? And how can we do all this without the use of chemicals or harmful products? This is one of the biggest challenges in the global food market. But one we particularly like at Masterpack. Our innovations have allowed us to create Modified Atmospheres in FIBCs. This elongates shelf life, fights pests and contamination. All with just oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.Safer bags for food and pharmaceuticals Products like food and pharma have special needs: they are closely linked to health and safety, and what material they are transported in plays a big role in that. Over the years, the FIBC industry has greatly improved and found new ways to create bags that are safe to use with food products and pharmaceuticals. The way the bags are produced, we can make sure that no harmful elements can mingle with the product they will be protecting.

Sustainable practices in the production of FIBC`s

The packaging industry has a big responsibility to create more sustainable processes in the production of Big Bags. Not to follow trends, but to set a new standard. One of the ways Masterpack is doing this, is by how we create our liners. We try to reduce waste as much as we can. For this, we create custom liners for our orders, instead of having to cut off excess material from standard liners. Read more about it here. Looking for a partner in innovation?Let´s partner up and improve the supply chain. Get in touch with our team to find out how our solutions help your business.